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Here at Auto Optics, we are a family owned business dedicated to providing you with a cost effective, beautiful, and safety enhancing service. Whether your lights are faded or yellowing and causing a safety issue on the road or perhaps you are just looking for a change with one of our beautiful color tint options, we have the solution for you. With over 30 years of auto service under us, we are certain that we can provide you with the best price, quality, and experience in the upstate! 


Thank you for choosing Auto Optics!


Services and pricing

  • Head light Restoration

Starting at $40

  • Tail Light Restoration

Starting at $40

  • Head Light Tinting

Starting at $75

  • Tail Light Tinting

Starting at $75

  • Pin Striping

Starting at $50

  • Buff/Polish/Wax

Starting at $25

  • Touch-Up/Scratch Repair

Starting at $25

  • Miscellaneous

Feel free to ask us about any other cosmetic needs that you may have!


Our Work


Bobby Langley Jr.

Phone: (864) 421-7107

Email: AutoOpticsHeadlightRestoration@Gmail.com

Bobby Langley

Phone: (864) 420-3873

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